Trucking & Transport

FCP Solutions has been supplying filters, coolants and oil into the trucking and transport industry since we opened in 1990. We have a proven ability to reduce any transport companies costs, increase engine life and improve company processes. We have the supply capacity and knowledge to service all areas of the transport industry from a small owner operator to the largest fleet users.  We carry filters for every type of truck  not just certain makes and models from Japanese truck fleets, American trucks through to European trucks and mixed fleet.

One Stop Consumable Shop

We can simplify your purchasing procedures with a  one stop consumables store  and offer amazing discounts when packaged together improving your bottom line. We also would love to know what you need and if you complete our filter survey we’ll be sure to  stock what’s important to you  so it is here when you need it, also no more remembering filter numbers as we will have it all on file.

Complete Filtration and Coolant Solutions

FCP Solutions have  distribution rights to major worldwide brands  but our major point of difference in our supply is our ability to  source from multiple manufacturers.  Many of our competitors will not offer an alternative if it isn’t in stock or the brand they supply does not manufacture the part which leads to you continuing the search. As specialists  we will not stop until we can satisfy your enquiry,  or the only other course of action is that it is genuine supply only or nil stock Australia in anything. This saves your organization valuable time.

How we can save you money and help implement better processes.

  • Tailor make filter service kits to your exact needs for each piece of machinery
  • Stock filters to your companies individual requirements
  • Significantly lower coolant costs by up to 60% with water based options
  • Increase safety with water based fire retardant engine coolant eliminating the hazard of coolant related engine fires.