Common Rail Diesel Pre-Filters

  • Why You Need A Pre-Filter

    Todays latest generation common rail diesel engines face a raft of problems with regards to fuel cleanliness. More than ever before, fuel quality and cleanliness is critical to the reliability of these highly advanced fuel injection systems as can be read HERE. This is especially important when filling from remote locations, drum fuel transfers and even local suppliers where the quality of the fuel cannot be guaranteed. More than 70% of common rail diesel engines premature failure can be attributed to water damage and considering a very small, barely measurable amount of water can destroy a common rail injection system it is vital that an efficient water separating pre filter be fitted to avoid this. Furthermore Australia uses Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) which is more more susceptable to water emulsification which means there is more free water suspended in diesel at service station pumps. With injector and pump repairs costing upwards of $8000.00 and not covered under warranty, can you afford not to have a pre filter fitted?

  • How They Work

    The primary filters we recommend for the protection of todays vehicle common rail diesel engines is the Stanadyne Fuel Manager Range and Flashlube (Stanadyne Fuel Manager filter made under license for Flashlube). These filters use chemically treated paper media to repel water, these elements offer very efficient primary filtration. Designed to be used with a Final Filter, a Pre-Filter will extend service intervals and ensure optimum protection for the injection system. These filters off a 95% water removal efficiency rating and are vastly superior at removing water from ULSD which is more susceptible to water emulsification, that is water molecules suspended in diesel which is harder to remove than in traditional diesel fuel. This is why old technology like sedimenters and gravity fuel water separators work relatively well removing whole water, but struggle with emulsified water, the contaminant you can’t see.

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