Industrial Hydraulic Process & Compressed Air Filtration

Here at FCP Solutions we can supply a massive range of industrial process filtration, hydraulic and compressed air filters for a wide variety of industries and applications. From pressure, return and suction filters, hydraulic spin-on type, breathers, level gauges and a complete line of interchangeable filter elements from Filtrec, Baldwin, Parker, Donaldson, Sakura and Ausfil.

Custom Made Solutions

Sometimes a certain filter can become discontinued by the manufacturer and even though your machine still works it can be the only thing stopping it from continuing service.  We are able to help with either custom design filters, change of existing filters or replace your discontinued OEM filters.

FCP Solutions can supply filtration for industries such as:

  • Food – Chocolate, confectionery, gels
  • Refineries - Mineral refinery process filtration, hydraulic and compressed air
  • Engineering plants - Hydraulic filtration and indsutrial process filtration
  • Industrial plants - Hydraulic filtration, compressed air filtration, process filtration
  • Coatings – Paints, resins, inks, dyes 
  • Chemicals – Pesticides, fungicides 
  • Transport – Trains, Ferries, Buses, Truck and Cars
  • Environment – waste water, cooling liquids
  • Pharmaceuticals – Pharmaceutical liquids
  • High temperature applications – Cooking oils, resins
  • Mining – Coal, iron ore

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