Sakura Cabin Filters

Sakura cabin air filters are made to cut down on the number of dangerous pollutants, such dust, pollen, smells, and fumes, that enter your car through the HVAC system. For you and your family, they offer a considerably cleaner breathing environment... As with all Sakura filters, they are created to meet or surpass OEM specifications and are frequently available in activated carbon media or Sakura's Bio-Guard media, which shields passengers from viruses, germs, allergies, bacteria, and fungi entering the automobile.

Sakura Cabin Filters Key Features:

• Cleaner Vehicle Interior
• Longer Service Intervals
• Lower Air Flow Restriction
• Improved odour absorption

As a trusted supplier to OEM's the world over you can count on Sakura cabin filters to protect you and your family. FCP Solutions have been supplying a massive range of quality Sakura cabin filters for over 20 years and can assist in recommending the very best cabin air filters for your vehicle or equipment to replace your dirty cabin air filter.

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