Sakura Air Filters

For over 30 years Sakura has been manufacturing air filters to the highest Japanese Industrial Standards to meet the JIS/SAE International Technical Standards.  Sakura are trusted by some of the worlds largest vehicle and machinery manufacturers.. to construct their OEM filters and they bring this quality to their aftermarket range so you know when it's time to change your dirty air filter you are buying the best.  Sakura air filters are manufactured with key design features including.

• Gasket Seal: An air spring is manufactured in the core of the sealing gasket on the air filter.  This design provides superior sealing and eliminate air leaks.
• Filtration Media: Air filter media isn't created equal and it isn't as straightforward as counting the number of pleats meaning one filter is better than the next. Sakura use superior quality media to provide optimum performance and reduce pressure drop across the media.
• Inner Tube: Manufactured with expanded metal sprialling up the tube this provides and intergrated "lock seam" that strengthens the inner tube.  The result is better air filter structural integrity when compared to conventional designs.
• Outer Tube: The outer tube or guard uses straight clamping joint methods in the manufacture.  This secures the edge of the media to eliminate preature wear and tear ensuring maximum filtration life.

FCP Solutions are one the largest ditributors of Sakura air filters in Australia and we can recommend the right air filter for your application at the right price to reduce your engine maintenance costs.

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