Custom Service Kits

Save time and money with custom service kits from FCP Solutions. We can build service kits to your exact requirements for each and every piece of equipment within your organisation, whether that be a generator or grader. We can create kits catered to your exact service intervals and each and every part you would like in the kit, all with your own custom part number.

Kitting Advantages

Creating custom kits within your organisation has many advantages especially the bigger the organisation gets. The advantages include:

  • Reduces time taken by staff ordering parts (this can be by ordering from various suppliers, coordinating the supply, entering multiple line items o purchase orders etc)
  • Stores team only need to put away boxes containing multiple goods and not many individual parts.
  • Accounts department have less line items to input on invoices and less to process.
  • Reduce equipment downtime with the parts you need all in one box.
  • Reduce staff handling errors by having to only grab the boxes for that service interval.

Contact us today and tell us about your custom kitting requirements and let us simplify your maintenance procedures.

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