Baldwin Oil Filters

Baldwin Filters have been manufacturing lubricant filters for over 70 years. Baldwin has the coverage and quality you want with over 650 oil filters for most heavy-duty and automotive applications... All lubricant filters offered by Baldwin are designed to meet or surpass the original equipment criteria given by engine manufacturers and factory warranties maintained when installed. Baldwin have over 150 OEM customers who trust their manufacturing enough to brand their OEM parts for sale through their dealer networks. Baldwin bring this trusted quality to their after market with built Baldwin tough features such as:

• All Metal, Heavy Duty Casing:  Provides unmatched burst and pulse resistance.
• Full Steel Coil Springs:  Maintains its shape and a positive load pressure on the elements.
• Spiral Wound Louvered Centertube:  The use of fluted ribs allows for optimal flow while also adding strength to resist pressure spikes.
• Patent Pending Design:  Delivers optimum pollutant holding capacity and removal efficiency while minimising flow obstruction during operation and cold starts.
• Heavy-Duty Steel Retainer and End Cap:  To keep the post seal from moving, the pieces were welded together.
• Heavy-Duty Steel Baseplate:  A J-lock seam connects it to the can, decreasing the potential of leaking due to high pressure.

All Baldwin oil filters are built to the highest standards and are designed to perform in accordance with engine and equipment manufacturer specifications, meeting or exceeding all relevant parameters established. They back this up by putting all oil filters to ISO 4548-12 tests, with findings demonstrating that Baldwin part numbers outperform leading rival oil filter part numbers in contaminant removal effectiveness and contaminant holding capacity. When you replace your dirty oil filter with a clean Baldwin Filter replacement from FCP Solutions, you can be confident that you are purchasing the finest protection for your engine.

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