Baldwin Fuel Filters

Baldwin Filters designs and manufactures fuel filters to meet the exacting standards of engine and equipment manufacturers worldwide.  Baldwin filters, a global manufacturer and supplier to over 150 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).. that has been making filters since 1936, understands what it takes to manufacture high-quality fuel filters. Manufacturing more than 650  different fuel filters, coalescers, and fuel/water separators Baldwin Filters understands and meets the needs of customers in a variety of industries.

All Baldwin fuel filters are manufactured to the highest standard and are designed to perform in accordance with the specifications given by engine and equipment manufacturers, meeting or exceeding all the relevant specifications set. They back this up by testing all fuel filters to SAE J905 and ISO 19438 tests, passing these tests demonstrates that they fulfil the requirements for pollutant removal efficiency and contaminant retention capacity for each and every fuel filter part number.  You can be assured you are buying the best protection for your engine when you replace your dirty fuel filter with a clean Baldwin Filter replacement from FCP Solutions.

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