Unifilter Snorkel Pre-Filters

Snorkel Pre Filters - Your First Line of Defence

A wide variety of snorkel pre-filters are produced by Unifilter. These are a must-have when venturing off the beaten path, especially in a large group...A pre-cleaner is a product that is used before your normal air filter when dust is present. They have no negative effect on performance under regular driving situations, however we suggest only wearing them under extreme conditions.

When you attach a Pre cleaner to the snorkel head, you can cut the amount of dust drawn into the main filter by as much as 90 percent. A Unifilter snorkel pre cleaner is your first line of defence against dust and debris that could clog your factory air filter and considerably extend its useful life. People frequently purchase extras to have on hand for quick swaps during extended journeys. In a matter of minutes after a thorough cleaning and a new application of Filter Fix oil, you'll be good to go.

If your considering an off-road adventure a Unifilter snorkel pre filter will significantly reduce your air filter from clogging and needing frequent replacing. FCP Solutions has a massive range of Unifilter snorkel pre cleaners to suit most snorkels on the market and can help with advice to prevent your air filter from blocking.

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