Oil Catch Cans

  • Why Do I need A Catch Can?

    An EGR Valve with and without a catch canEnvironmental laws require modern diesel engines to be designed to ensure oil mist (blow by) is not released into the atmosphere but circulated into the combustion chamber. The by-product of such a design is that these gasses contain carbon and when mixed with oil mist they will stick to the walls around the EGR valve, inlet manifold, turbo bearings and intercooler. The results over time are a gradual loss of power, efficiency and possible engine damage. It can be a very costly exercise to get these components professionally cleaned but all this can be avoided by fitting a Flashlube or a Mann and Hummel Provent Catch Can.

  • How Catch Cans Work

    Flashlube and Mann and Hummel Provent Catch Cans are best in industry oil catch cans that prevent carbon build up on exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR) valves by filtering out oil mist. By safely filtering out this mist it prevents the build-up from occurring in the first place. They do this efficiently and safely with an oil separating element, a pressure control system and, depending on the model, an over pressure or a bypass valve. This provides your valuable investment with the protection it deserves.

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