Baldwin Air Filters

Baldwin Filters develop and manufacture heavy-duty air filters to engine and equipment manufacturers' specifications. As a global manufacturer and supplier to over 150 OEM companies and manufacturing filters since 1936, Baldwin filters know what it takes to make quality filters... Baldwin Filters separates and stabilises the pleated media in air filters using two established ways, this improves dust holding capacity and air movement.

• PermaPleat® is an embossing technique that creates dividers between pleats, preventing bunching and ensures even air flow.
• Beading— a continuous bead of glue around the circle of the metal wrap of the filter, applied to either the inner or outer surface, this secures the pleat tips in place and prevents movement.

More than 2,200 air filters are available from Baldwin Filters, with the bulk of them featuring PermaPleat construction.  When it comes time to replace your dirty air filter you can trust Baldwin filters from FCP Solutions to provide all engines with industry best protection.

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