Sakura Oil Filters

For over 30 years, the Sakura Company has been manufacturing oil filters to the highest Japanese Industrial Standards in order to conform with the JIS/SAE International Technical Standards... Sakura is trusted by some of the world's largest vehicle and machinery manufacturers to build their OEM filters, and they bring this quality to their full aftermarket range so that you can be confident that when the time comes to replace your dirty oil filter, you are purchasing nothing but the best. Sakura spin on oil filters are made with a variety of significant design elements, including.

• Steel Tension Spring:  Manufactured using a heat treatment process in order to maintain/support the element to prevent bypass.
• Heavy Duty End Cap Seals:  Made to withstand intra-plastorial leakage
• High Performance Media:  Provides longer service life and less restriction to flow.
• Thicker body:  Greater structural integrity.
• Spiral Perforated Tube:  Inner tube provides improved strength and flow rate.
• Heavy Duty Base Plate:  Superior structural support for maximum strength.

FCP Solutions stock a massive range of Sakura oil filters and has access to every Sakura oil filter available in Australia. When it's time to replace your engines dirty oil filters, you can be assured that when you buy Sakura oil filters from FCP Solutions, your engine will be safeguarded.

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