Stop The Dusting With Unifilter

A number of popular modern 4x4s, including the Toyota Land Cruiser 76/78/79 & 200 Series, the Toyota Prado 150 Series, the Toyota Hilux GUN 122,123,125 & 126 Series, the Nissan Navara D40 & D23, the Mitsubishi Triton ML-MQ, and the Isuzu D-Max TF Series, are prone to dust ingestion because they use a panel type air filter with poor sealing surfaces...Problems with dust buildup on all these cars can be traced back to the filters' failing sealing edges. In dusty environments, plastics with rubber seals are not a good idea. When heated, plastic air boxes expand and become unusable. As opposed to metal, rubber does not bend in the same way. Because of this, the rubber seal is unable to prevent the plastic from losing its shape. For this reason, it is mandatory for dirt bike filters to be made of foam and to have foam seals. When the air box bends, the foam seal fills in the gap. As a solution to the leaks experienced by Toyota Land Cruiser and Prado owners, Unifilter have installed a foam seal along the sealing edge of the rubber seal. These filters have a flat sealing edge, allowing us to use a particular dust-proof foam barrier that doesn't allow air to get through.

Panel filters in the other design use a seal with a stepped profile. The air box is sealed by a single point of contact with these filters. On an automobile designed for the road, this is not a problem. As the air box of a 4x4 warms up, dust will readily be able to escape. Unifilter  can't use foam to assist seal the air box because it won't work with the seal's design. In an effort to make a better seal, Unifilter have rounded off the corner of the filter's sealing edge. Unlike O/E-style filters, which bend under pressure, Unifilter make these ridged.

Air filters perform vital role in protecting your vehicle and when your exposing that vehicle to a high dust environment you are going to want the best protection available. If you want better air flow, improved fuel economy, more power and industry best dust retention FCP Solutions can recommend a Unifilter from almost any application so you can go on the adventures you've always dreamed of knowing your vehicle will be more reliable than ever before.

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