Unifilter Foam Filter Oil

Unifilter Foam Air Filter Oil - The Best Oil for the Best Air Filters

Foam air filters require regular maintenance, including oiling and cleaning. Foam air filters should be oiled exclusively with foam air filter oil...Oil made specifically for Cotton air filters should NOT be used. Always use oil that has a thick consistency right out of the bottle and is sold in a plastic container. Always take caution while using oils, and never use spray oils or oils that soak in easily and leave a sticky residue. Incorporating these oils will reduce the life of the foam. Mineral turpentine or Unifilter's Citrus Cleaner should be used for cleaning. Foam durability is diminished when exposed to gasoline, kerosene, meth, etc.

Unifilter Filter Fix filter oil is a thick blend of mineral oil and adhesive ingredients that won't dry out. This oil mixture is crucial for efficient filtration, since it needs to be both thin enough to go to the dust as it accumulates on the foam's surface and thick enough to prevent drainage. It took a long time to get Filter Fix just right. There have been many updates since 1978, and each one was tested in the field for around two years before being adopted; however, the current formulation is without a doubt the most effective available.

Tips for Oiling Up Again

• Use warm "Filter Fix" treatment oil to soak the foam/outer bands entirely. A plastic ice cream tub works great as a storage container for this.
• DO NOT WRING OR TWIST FOAM; instead, fold it and squeeze it to remove any remaining oil. Keep in mind that it is impossible to extract too much oil by hand, so squeeze out as much as possible.
• Put the extended metal cage's bands and foam back on. For extra-large filters, encase it in plastic.

To get the very best of out pf you Unifilter you are going to need to clean and re-oil from time to time. FCP Solutions has the very best oil for your Unifilter, FIlter Fix and can assist with recommendations on the best way to apply.

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