Baldwin Hydraulic Filters

Baldwin Filters has been producing filters for more than 70 years. With over 850 different hydraulic oil filters to match the diverse market needs, Baldwin offers the coverage and quality you need...Baldwin hydraulic products are designed with the primary goals of improving system fluid purity, delivering better cold start performance, and satisfying service interval standards in mind. To ensure optimal efficiency and reliability, system cleanliness must be maintained by adequate filtering. Baldwin have over 150 OEM customers who trust their manufacturing enough to brand their OEM parts for sale through their dealer networks. Baldwin bring this trusted quality to their after market with built Baldwin tough features such as:

• All Metal, Heavy Duty Casing:  Designed to withstand the rigours of sophisticated, modern hydraulic systems.
• High Efficiency Media:  The material, whether synthetic or cellulose, is intended to meet or surpass the OEM's specifications.
• Spiral Wound Louvered Centertube:  Aids in the prevention of collapse caused by an abrupt difference in internal and external pressure.
• Heavy-Duty Steel Baseplate:  A J-lock seam connects it to the can, decreasing the potential of leaking due to high pressure.

All Baldwin hydraulic filters are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to meet or surpass all relevant parameters stated by engine and equipment manufacturers. They back this up by subjecting all hydraulic oil filters to ISO 16889 tests, with results showing that Baldwin part numbers surpass leading competitor hydraulic filter part numbers in contaminant removal performance and contaminant holding capacity. When you replace your dirty hydraulic filter with a clean Baldwin Filter replacement from FCP Solutions, you can rest assured that you are investing in the best hydraulic system protection available.

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