Flashlube Fuel Water Separators

High pressure electronically controlled injection systems are standard on the latest generation of common rail diesel engines. More than ever, fuel quality and cleanliness are vital to the dependability of these cutting-edge fuel injection systems....Given that even a trace amount of water can ruin a common rail injection system, common rail engines require extremely efficient filtration, and the factory filter alone is sometimes insufficient. With injector and pump repairs costing upwards of $8000.00 and not covered under warranty, you should preserve your investment by using Flashlube diesel pre-filter to avoid costly common rail diesel engine injector system repairs and engine downtime.

Flashlube fuel water separators feature a number of unique features such as:

• Long Lasting:  Flashlube Pre-filter Elements last up to 40,000km's depending on the condition on fuel used.
• Superior Fuel Flow:  Can support up to 300 liters/hr and engines with a horsepower range from 50 to 350 HP.
• Efficient:  These elements provide exceptionally efficient primary filtration by using chemically treated paper material to repel 95% of water contaminants along with rust, scale, acids, dirt, rocks, paint chips etc.
• Customisable:  Extra fitting options include primer pumps, electronic water in fuel indicators and more.
• Spill Free:  Unique dry change element and easy drain valve on the bottom of the bowl, eliminates fuel spills protecting the environment.
• Tool Free:  Maintenance and replacement of these units could not be simpler with a quick change retaining ring.
• 30 Micron Pre-Filter:  A Pre-Filter, when used in conjunction with a Final Filter, will extend service intervals and provide optimal protection for the injection system.

Flashlube’s products enable you to get the very best out of your investment and avoid unnecessary premature engine and engine component failure. As an authorised Flashlube distributor you can be confident when buying Flashlube products from FCP Solutions you are dealing with a company that has direct links and not a second or third tier re-seller.

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