Racor Fuel Water Separators

Racor fuel water separators are the most legendary name in marine fuel filtration and fuel water separator technology.... Racor filters are renowned for their excellent water removal efficiency for both bulk and emulsified water, low fuel flow restriction, and high dirt-holding capacity. At the heart of all Racor filters is the innovative Aquabloc® filter element. Aquabloc® cartridge components reject water from fuel at an efficiency of 98 percent and remove solid impurities. Water that collects on the element's surface condenses into larger drops that fall into the collection basin.

Parker Racor Turbine series filters have a unique feature set to not only keep your engine protected running at it's best, also0 include emergency features to keep your engine going when you need it the most:
• Stage 1 - Separation:  As fuel enters the assembly, it spins off big particles and water droplets that are heavier than fuel and fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.
• Stage 2 - Coalescing:  Small water droplets congregate on the conical baffle and cartridge filter's surface. They, too, fall to the bottom of the collection bowl when they become heavy enough.
• Stage 3 - Filtration:  Aquabloc®II cartridge filters, which are proprietary, reject water and remove impurities from fuel down to 2 microns (nominal). Waterproof Aquabloc®II cartridge filters last longer than water absorbing filters.
• Emergency Bypass Tab:  When replacing a blocked cartridge is not an option in an emergency, you can quickly rupture the bypass tab for a temporary solution to keep your engine running. After using this feature, service the element as soon as feasible to prevent hazardous impurities from entering your engine. Racor suggests that you always keep replacement cartridges on hand because a single tank of unclean fuel can clog a filter.

FCP Solutions is a Parker Racor premier distributor and we have access to all Racor filters available in Australia. If you putting your life on the line going to sea and your equipment is your livelihood you want to be guaranteed your buying genuine Racor products from an authorised distributor. When's it's time to change your dirty Racor fuel water separator filters you can rest assured when buying Racor fuel filters from FCP Solutions.

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