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Sierra Fuel Fix Diesel Bug Treatment Fuel Conditioner 250ml Treats Up To 1000Ltrs


Sierra Fuel Fix offers a comprehensive solution for fuel conditioning. It is the most recent advancement in technology for fuel additives, and it is designed to get rid of and regulate impurities found in diesel fuel. Fuel Fix can cut usage by as much as 6% while while increasing power. The buildup of gum and glue in injectors and lines, as well as the sludge that is linked with fungal growth, are all eliminated. Additionally, the substance will have a stabilising effect on gasoline. Fuel Fix is a substance that may be added to bulk diesel storage tanks at an affordable price. These tanks contain fuel for extended periods of time, which creates ideal conditions for the growth of diesel bug. In this scenario, a significant number of vehicles, trucks, and other pieces of machinery may get tainted as a result of receiving their fuel from a single source. If the source is treated in an ongoing manner, any and all filling equipment that uses the source will reap the benefits of the product.

The bacteria, fungi, and water pollution that can be found in fuels can be eliminated and controlled with the use of Sierra's Fuel Fix, which is a highly concentrated additive. Using the most cutting-edge techniques in microbiological control and surface active agents, any water and biological pollution is quickly and painlessly dissolved and distributed throughout the fuel before being burned away. Bacteria and fungus, such as the widespread airborne spore Cladisporium Resinae, manifest themselves in the fuel reservoir as dark particles that resemble sludge. This "sludge" can, in its most extreme forms, take the form of enormous lumps or carpets.

Unlike the many biocide treatments that are on the market that are only designed to kill bacteria, not remove and are of no use in removing water, Fuel Fix will remove the entire problem.

Fuel Fix can be used risk-free in diesel engines that are equipped with a particulate filter. In fact, using Fuel Fix will increase the performance of particulate filters because it will eliminate any instances of the diesel bug. The fuel system's seals, hoses, and fittings will not be damaged by the use of Fuel Fix. Utilisation on a consistent basis will eradicate the issues that are caused by condensation and will stop any additional biological growth from taking place.


  • Improved fuel economy
  • Smoother acceleration
  • Improved power
  • Improved fuel flow (especially through filters and injectors)
  • Left untreated, moisture in the fuel tank will eventually cause corrosion, leading to even more problems.
  • Petrol fuel stabilisation


  • It is recommended that an initial dosage of 2 litres be added for every 1000 litres of fuel in order to properly purge the fuel system of any and all pollutants.
  • After that, the future regular dosage might be lowered to as little as 1 litre for every 4,000 litres of fuel. When the ratio reaches 1:4000, the purity of the fuel will be preserved, condensation will be absorbed, and biological growths will not be allowed to form.
  • In situations in which the growth of bacteria or fungi is preventing fuel from moving through the system, a maximum dosage of five litres may be supplied for every one thousand litres of fuel, if necessary.
  • Before adding any gasoline, you need always add Fuel Fix first. There is no exception to this rule.
  • In order to prevent the filters in the system from becoming clogged during the initial dose, it will be necessary to clean or replace them more frequently. This is because Fuel Fix will work to eliminate the "bug" that is already there.
  • Make sure that every feasible effort is made to drain the large amounts of water first (where possible).
  • It is only necessary to deliver initial dosage rates in the event that contamination is present. Please use the maintenance dosage rates if you are taking this as a preventative strategy.

Download the Product Bulletin for Sierra Fuel Fix
Download the SDS Sheet for Sierra Fuel Fix

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Sierra (Aust) is owned and operated from their modern production and processing plant at Geebung, which is located in the Brisbane area. Since it first opened its doors for business in July 1991, the firm has been steadily growing its capabilities in the areas of manufacturing and distributing vehicle cleaning goods as well as workshop consumables to customers located all across Queensland and Australia. Sierra (Aust) has become a recognised leader in the design, development, and production of products of excellent quality that are suitable for the challenging conditions that we experience in Australia as a result of having strong linkages in both national and international markets.

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SKU N186
Model # FF250
Shipping Weight 0.2800kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.060m
Shipping Cubic 0.001200000m3

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