Aussie Made Products

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

At FCP Solutions we firmly believe in using products that are made for the environment you are working in.  That's why we supply world class Aussie made and owned products where they outperform their overseas made counterparts.  Huge multinational brands are often made to the same worldwide formula which may not be the best for the Australian operating environment.  We will never put in a product just because it is a certain brand and is advertised everywhere, this doesn't make it a good product.  No matter the brand if it isn't the best product for our customers and their machines we won't supply it. 

Below is a list of the Australian made and owned companies we supply and support that produce products that are the best in their class.


PrixMax Engine Coolants

PrixMax is a recognised leader in the coolants market and has been developing and manufacturing premium quality coolants in Australia since 1994. Operating out of a specialised manufacturing facility that is accredited against international standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, PrixMax is committed to developing leading technology products to suit any vehicle and application. The company also operates one of Australia’s only dedicated coolant testing and research laboratories, where they focus on providing state-of-the-art quality products, backed up by industry leading technical support. FCP Solutions has been supplying PrixMax coolant products since 1996 into major mines, workshops, earthmoving companies, transport companies, owner operators and weekend mechanics.

PrixMax pioneered the release of organic additive technology coolants in Australia with their “long life organic coolant” product range, comprising the water-based product known as RCP (Radiator Corrosion Protector) and the anti-freeze product MEG95. Since then, PrixMax’s long life coolants have become arguably the most extensively field tested products of their kind in Australia, recording literally hundreds of thousands of hours of successful performance in the field across a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engines. Today, PrixMax continues to engineer innovative coolant solutions to meet the increasingly complex demands of modern engine cooling systems.


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Unifilter Performance Air FIlters

FCP Solutions carry a range of performance filter upgrades from Unifilter. Unifilter have been manufacturing filters in Australia for over 30 years.  They deliver exceptional performance and efficiency by duplicating the world’s best air filter – the human nose. Unifilters polyurethane foam combined with an oil treatment provides excellent air flow with it being 24% less restrictive than a paper air filter equivalent and dust retention to 4µm. An equivalent paper air filter element has an average dust retention rating of 30µm, this makes Unifilter the best air filtration element available in any automotive filter.


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Sierra Specialised Chemical Products

Sierra (Aust) is Queensland owned and operated from our modern factory and processing plant at Geebung - Brisbane. The company commenced business operations in July 1991 and has continued to expand it's manufacture and distribution of vehicle detailing products and workshop consumables to clients throughout Queensland and Australia. With strong links in both national and international markets Sierra (Aust) has become a recognised leader in the design, testing and production of superior quality products suitable for our harsh Australian conditions.


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Prolube Lubricants

For over 30 years Prolube Lubricants have been formulating, blending and marketing a range of automotive, transport, earthmoving, agricultural and industrial lubricants specifically for the arduous Australian climatic and operational conditions. Made in Brendale Queensland, Prolube manufacturing process uses high quality hydrotreated Group 2, Group 3 and fully synthetic base oils with the latest technology additive chemistry and blends them to produce lubricants meeting the upper limits of the relevant specification range to perform in our climate. FCP Solutions have access to full technological support which we extend to our customers.


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